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Miller Auxiliary Fuel Tank Pump 50″ Lift for EnPak® A30 / Bobcat ™ 200 Air Pak™ - 301598


For work truck fleet managers looking to keep idle time off of their class 3 to 5 trucks, EnPak A30 is the quietest and most fuel-efficient All-In-One that maintains PTO driven power capabilities, including 12V DC, in a compact, lightweight solution backed by industry leading reliability and performance expected from Miller.


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  • Weld/battery output panel
  • Main control panel

Compressed Air
Delivering 30 CFM of air, virtually any air tool can be efficiently powered by the EnPak A30’s rotary screw compressor.

Electric power
With its 6,500-watt generator, the EnPak A30 powers 120V and 240V AC jobsite tools and lights.

Battery Charge / Crank Assist
The EnPak A30 provides up to 100 amps of DC power for 12/24V battery charging and up to 300 amps for crank assist.

The EnPak A30 can easily handle metal repairs with its 210 amp inverter-based welder with multiprocess capabilities.

Chassis Power
Integrated into the truck battery, Chassis Power monitors the battery and automatically charges it as needed. Technicians can turn off their truck without worrying about jobsite tools draining the battery — leaving them stranded.   Learn More

Auto-Speed™ technology
Advanced Auto-Speed technology automatically adjusts engine speed to match compressed air, battery charge and weld demands — reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and noise for a safer, more efficient jobsite.

Auto Start/Stop
Automatically turns the EnPak engine on and off based on demand, reducing fuel consumption and noise — which enhances safety and improves the work environment.

CAN bus connectivity
Allows the EnPak A30 to connect to a telematics system so you can monitor engine data, machine loads and usage. Track service intervals, schedule maintenance proactively and improve diagnostics of your EnPak power system.

General Specifications

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Industries Interests Work / Service Trucks
Commercial Truck and Trailer
Maintenance and Repair – Field Operations
Gtin 715959684477 SKU: 301598 Categories: , , ,