Miller Fume Extractor FILTAIR MWX-D 951507


Miller Fume Extractor FILTAIR® MWX-D 951507

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General Specifications

Miller Fume Extractor FILTAIR® MWX-D 951507

Source capture system with nanofiber filter technology for extended filter life, increased efficiency and cleaner air.


  • Welding Fume Extraction

    Industrial Applications
    Manufacturing and Fabrication
    Maintenance and Repair Operations
    Schools/Educational Facilities


  • Cleaner Air – FILTAIR® fume extractors effectively clean welding fumes from the air. Combining nanofiber filter technology, longer lasting airflow, and an optimized design results in a more powerful fume extraction system.
  • Superior Filter Efficiency – Miller’s exclusive MERV 15 nanofiber filter ensures capture of submicron weld fumes, more holding capacity and the ability to maintain low pressure drop—resulting in a longer lasting filter and a cleaner work space.
  • Nanofiber Technology – Nanofibers use an exclusive media blend that features a surface layer of nanofibers about 1000 times thinner in diameter than a human hair.

    Nanofiber cartridge filters use a surface webbing of very small fibers to capture weld fume particles of all sizes, including submicron particles (.3 to 1ìm), which represents more than 80% of weld fumes. A nanofiber filter is surface loading, meaning they keep the particles on the surface of the filter, instead of becoming embedded deep within.

  • Strong Suction Power – Powerful 875 CFM system delivers long-lasting airflow throughout the life of the filter.
  • Reliable Extraction Arm – Optimally-designed extraction arm stays in position and will not slouch over time. Arm also comes partially assembled to reduce set up time.
  • Saves Operator Downtime – From easy set up, simple front panel, quick, convenient, and tool-free filter replacement, FILTAIR® is easy to use.
  • Durable Construction – Industrial-grade metal cabinet and extraction arm withstand the demands of everyday welding.


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