Miller Fume Extractor FILTAIR MWX-S 951510


Miller Fume Extractor FILTAIR® MWX-S 951510

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Miller Fume Extractor FILTAIR® MWX-S 951510

Self-Cleaning Filter Technology – Miller’s FILTAIR® MWX-S features an innovative filter cleaning mechanism designed to increase productivity and greatly extend filter life. A fast, one minute cleaning cycle is all it takes to remove weld fume particles from the filter.

Because Miller’s nanofiber filter is surface loading, weld fume does not penetrate deep into the filter. This enables particles to be easily released during the cleaning process and keeps pressure drop low.

Ideal for Industrial manufacturing, schools/training facilities


  • Welding Fume Extraction

    Industrial Applications
    Manufacturing and Fabrication
    Maintenance and Repair Operations
    Schools/Educational Facilities


  • Self-Cleaning Mechanism is easy to use. Just push button on control panel to activate the pulse cleaning cycle that cleans the filter from the inside out. Weld fume particulate is removed from the filter and safely deposited in the dust disposal drawer.
  • Cleaner Air – FILTAIR fume extractors effectively clean welding fumes from the air. Combining nanofiber filter technology, longer lasting airflow, and an optimized design results in a more powerful fume extraction system.
  • Superior Filter Efficiency – Miller’s exclusive MERV 15 nanofiber filter ensures capture of submicron weld fumes, more holding capacity and the ability to maintain low pressure drop—resulting in a longer lasting filter and a cleaner work space.
  • Nanofiber Technology – Nanofibers use an exclusive media blend that features a surface layer of nanofibers about 1000 times thinner in diameter than a human hair.

    Nanofiber cartridge filters use a surface webbing of very small fibers to capture weld fume particles of all sizes, including submicron particles (.3 to 1ìm), which represents more than 80% of weld fumes. A nanofiber filter is surface loading, meaning they keep the particles on the surface of the filter, instead of becoming embedded deep within.

  • Strong Suction Power – Powerful 875 CFM system delivers long-lasting airflow throughout the life of the filter.
  • Reliable Extraction Arm – Optimally-designed extraction arm stays in position and will not slouch over time. Arm also comes partially assembled to reduce set up time.
  • Saves Operator Downtime – From easy set up, simple front panel, quick, convenient, and tool-free filter replacement, FILTAIR® is easy to use.
  • Durable Construction – Industrial-grade metal cabinet and extraction arm withstand the demands of everyday welding.


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