Spectrum 875 Plasma Cutter with XT60 Torch with 20-ft. Cable - 907583


Compact, 51 lb, 230/208V 1 PH unit provides plenty of power for 7/8 in. mild steel cutting.


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  • Spectrum 875
  • XT60 hand-held torch with 20-ft. (6 m) cable. Includes a complete set of 60 A consumables.
  • Heavy-duty work clamp and flexible cable with quick connect
  • 10-ft. (3 m) power cord
  • Extra consumables
Rated Cutting Capacity

The rated cutting capacity is based on traveling approximately 15 inches per minute to achieve a steady, precise cut. This is the key rating that should meet or exceed your typical cutting thickness requirements.

Automatic Air Regulation

For end user convenience, the unit has no pressure gauge or manual regulator knob. The unit automatically adjusts the air pressure to the torch for optimum cutting and gouging. No adjustments necessary.

Ultra-Quick Connect™ Torch

The fastest plasma torch and work cable connection and removal in the industry.

CNC/Automation Cutting Capable

Factory ready CNC/Automation models are available in long or short body torches as well as retrofit kits to convert hand held machines to be capable of CNC/Automation cutting.

Wind Tunnel Technology™ and Fan-On-Demand™

Wind Tunnel Technology prevents abrasive dust and particles from damaging internal components. Fan-On-Demand cooling system operates only when needed. In dirty or dusty environments, this feature reduces the amount of airborne dust/dirt pulled through the unit.

Can Be Powered by Miller Engine Drive/Generator

Generator power at or above 10 kW (e.g. Bobcat™) or equivalent competitive equipment required.

Ultra-Quick Connect™ Work Cable & Clamp

Work cable and clamp make for fast and easy setup and storage. The new ultra flexible Quick Connect work lead comes with a smaller heavy duty clamp.

Auto-Refire™ Technology

Provides ultimate customer convenience by automatically controlling the pilot arc when cutting expanded metal or multiple pieces of metal. The pilot arc will switch in and out as fast as needed when cutting expanded metal and provides maximum power for cutting thicker metal—all automatically! No need for manual re-triggering which reduces user hand fatigue.


Plasma (PAC)


Title Spectrum 875 Plasma Cutter with XT60 Torch with 20-ft. Cable
Industries Interests Racing / Customizing / Restoring
DIY / Home Hobbyist
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
Boat / Yacht
High Purity Processing
Capability Gouging
Plasma Material Thickness Mild Steel 7/8 in. (22.2 mm) 15 IPM
Stainless Steel 7/8 in. (22.2 mm) 15 IPM
Aluminum 5/8 in. (15.9 mm) 15 IPM
Rated Output at 104 Degrees Fahrenheit 208 V: 60 A at 140 VDC, 40% duty cycle; 230 VDC: 60 A at 140 VDC, 50% duty cycle
Recommended Generator Power 11000
Input Voltage 208 V
220/230/240 V
Input Phase 1-Phase
Input Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Input Amperage 42 A
Net Width 8.75 in
Net Height 13.5 in
Net Length 18.75 in
Net Weight 49 lbs
Warranty 3 Years
Miller’s True Blue Warranty
Gtin 715959589222 SKU: 907583 Categories: ,
Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 18.75 × 8.75 × 15.5 in