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Lincoln Electric X-Tractor 8a Weld Fume Extractor 460/3/60 - K3967-2


Top Features

  • For 5 to 8 operators simultaneously
  • Supply suction for up to 8 fume guns or 5 suction heads
  • Integrated automatic filter cleaning
  • Automatic operation capability – Using wire feeder trigger signal
  • Rugged design – For industrial use and impact resistance


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Welding Fume Extractor

The self contained X-Tractor® weld fume extraction units are specifically designed for the removal and filtration of welding fume. These high vacuum, low volume systems are engineered to provide suction for multiple nozzles and fume guns and feature an integrated automatic self-cleaning filter system. They are ideally suited for continuous use in heavy duty welding applications.

  • Compact Design – For easy installation in narrow spaces.
  • Filter Cleaning System – Integrated automatic filter cleaning.
  • Rugged Design – For industrial use and impact resistance.
  • Clean Work Environment – Removing welding fumes at the source.
  • Low Maintenance: Quick disassembly for cleaning and maintenance.
INPUT POWER 460/3/60
DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) 43.3 in x 28.0 in x 55.1 in (1100mm x 710 mm x 1400 mm)
NET WEIGHT 375.00 (170.10 kg)
INPUT POWER: 460/3/60


  • Extraction Unit
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning System
  • Internal Compressed Air Regulator
  • Automatic Operation Connection
  • Starter/Overload Switch

High vacuum welding fume extraction systems utilize high pressure of 70-90 Water Column (inch) and low volume of 50-100 Cubic Feet per Minute with an air speed of 4000-5000 ft/min. The air handling configuration of high vacuum equipment allows the use of small diameter rigid duct and small diameter flexhose to easily reach extraction points. It is perfect for applications such as short welds when using fume suction nozzles or larger fixture welding using integrated fume extracting guns. This process is designed for close proximity source extraction from 2-4 in. to the welding source.

Since the hoses and suction nozzles are smaller than those of low vacuum systems, it is much easier to carry the fume gun, extraction nozzle and/ or flex hose into confined spaces depending on the type of welding, base material, consumable used and arc time. The mobility of the suction devices allows the main filter unit to be kept at a central location. Due to the low air volume (CFM) extracted, make-up air and negative room air pressures are kept to a minimum when exhausting outside the facility.

Automatic Filter Cleaning

The cleaning timer system can be adjusted based on the welding application and usage amounts. The system consists of a holding tank for compressed air, an air solenoid valve and a timer. The tank is filled with compressed air, the solenoid valve opens at intervals set by the timer, and air is blown into the filter. Particulate stuck on the outside of the filter drops into a dustbin.

Off-Line Filter Cleaning

In addition to the automatic cleaning function, there is also a built in off-line function that can be programmed for additional cleaning cycles after work hours.

Automatic Operation

The extraction unit can be configured to operate in an automatic mode, where the extraction system will function based on the welding machine status. This provides extraction demand only when welding is taking place. Contact Lincoln Electric for connection information.

Duct System

The metal duct system and related accessories are simple to install, leak-proof, and can be configured for up to eight connection points. The duct system is designed specifically for the layout of the welding facility and takes into account the number of welding stations, welding processes, physical obstacles and overall duct lengths to maintain specific airflow characteristics and provide an efficient and effective solution.

Gtin 15082574912 SKU: K3967-2 Categories: , , ,
Weight 375 lbs
Dimensions 55.1 × 28 × 43.3 in

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