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Miller XMT 450 CC/CV 575 V, ArcReach™ - 907482


Portability and excellent arc performance make the XMT family the most popular in the industry. ArcReach provides remote control of the power source without a cord – saving time and money.


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ArcReach Technology
Exclusive ArcReach technology uses the existing weld cables to communicate changes in voltage settings. With an ArcReach system, voltage and wire-feed-speed controls are conveniently located at the operator’s fingertips – not back at the power source
Increased Productivity
More arc-on time and reduced exposure to workplace hazards for operators can be realized using ArcReach because less time is spent going back to the welding power supply to set process and arc voltage.
Auto-Process Select™
System automatically returns to XMT setting when ArcReach communication is terminated. For example, if the XMT is set to gouging at 575 amps and an ArcReach feeder is connected, the XMT will go to a MIG/FCAW process. If the feeder is disconnected, the XMT will go back to its previous setting (gouging at 575 amps).
Wind Tunnel Technology™ protects internal components, greatly improving reliability. Fan-On-Demand™ cooling system operates only when needed, reducing noise, energy use and amount of contaminants pulled through machine.
Welder friendly control panel
Process selector switch reduces the number of control setup combinations without reducing any features. Ultra-tough, polycarbonate-blended cover protects front controls from damage. Large, dual digital meters are easy to view and presettable to ease setting weld output.
Improved Weld Quality
Operators can precisely set arc voltage at the feeder and monitor the actual arc voltage and current delivered to the weld using the digital meters on the feeder. This removes guesswork when it comes to adhering to weld procedures.
Remote Override of XMT
When an ArcReach feeder is connected to an XMT the feeder has full control and the XMT controls are disabled. While under ArcReach control, process and V/A adjustments are locked out, preventing accidental changes by personnel other than the welding operator.
Fleet Compatibility
ArcReach-equipped power sources and wire feeders work with non-ArcReach equipment; however the complete ArcReach benefit is only realized with the ArcReach system. This allows you to start investing in ArcReach one power source, one wire feeder at a time.
Advanced features for the professional welder
Adaptive Hot Start™ makes starting stick electrodes easy without creating an inclusion. Infinite arc control available in the Stick and Wire modes for easier fine tuning of tough-to-weld materials and out-of-position applications. Lift-Arc™ provides arc starting that minimizes contamination of the electrode and without the use of high frequency.
ROI Calculator
See how upgrading to ArcReach technology can increase your productivity and profits.


Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)
Flux Cored (FCAW)
Stick (SMAW)


Title XMT® 450 CC/CV 575 V, ArcReach™
Industries Interests Aerospace
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
Boat / Yacht
High Purity Processing
Weldable Metals Aluminum
Specialty Metals
Stainless Steel
Input Voltage 575 V
Rated Carbon Diameter 3/8 in (9.5 mm)
Input Phase 3-Phase
Input Hz 60 Hz
Input Amperage 3 Phase – 575 V (24.6 A)
Current Type DC
Max Open Circuit Voltage 75 VDC
Weld Output CC / CV
Warranty 3 Years
Miller’s True Blue Warranty
Gtin 715959556606 SKU: 907482 Categories: , ,