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Miller Trailblazer® 330 Diesel (Kubota) Engine Driven Welder Generator - 907849


Introducing the Trailblazer® 330 Diesel (Kubota), a powerhouse in engine-driven welders. With exceptional arc performance, easy maintenance, and advanced Auto-Speed™ technology, this welder guarantees superior runtimes, increased fuel efficiency, and unbeatable welding capabilities. Equipped with exclusive features like ArcReach® Technology and Dynamic DIG™, it ensures precise control and smoother arcs. Unleash productivity with the Trailblazer® 330 Diesel.


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Miller Trailblazer 330 Diesel Engine-Driven Welder (Kubota Engine) – 907849


Experience unparalleled welding performance with the Miller Trailblazer 330 Diesel, equipped with a robust Kubota engine. This engine-driven welder is your go-to solution for a wide range of industrial applications, delivering the smoothest and most stable arc in the industry.


Key Features:


Advanced Auto-Speed™ Technology: Automatically adjusts engine speed to match weld and battery charge demands, resulting in reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs, and a quieter, more efficient jobsite.



ArcReach® Technology: Communicate process adjustment commands effortlessly using existing weld cables, placing amperage and voltage controls at the operator’s fingertips for enhanced convenience.


Dynamic DIG™ Technology: Unlike conventional DIG, Dynamic DIG adapts based on a time-based algorithm, providing a smoother, more consistent arc tailored to match application, material, fit-up, and welder technique.


QuietPulse™ Technology: Activated by changing the waveshape for DC pulse welding, QuietPulse ensures a slower, more fluid transition between background and peak amperage, minimizing audible noise.


Excel™ Power (Option): This exclusive feature provides a full 2,400 watts (20 A) of 120-volt inverter-based, pure sine-wave power at all speeds, including idle. Operate jobsite tools like grinders at quiet, fuel-saving speeds for increased productivity.



Easy to Use:

The Trailblazer 330 Diesel features a user-friendly digital interface that speeds up machine setup, making it less complicated for operators of all skill levels.


Exceptional Arc Performance:

Enjoy easy arc starts and reduced spatter, ensuring a smooth and efficient welding experience.


Easy Maintenance:

The intuitive design of the Trailblazer engine-driven welder makes daily maintenance fast and hassle-free.

Quick Specs: 

  • Processes:

    • Stick (SMAW): Ideal for welding applications involving carbon, alloy, and stainless steels.
    • MIG (GMAW):* Suited for high-productivity welding of various materials. Compatible with a wire feeder for added convenience.
    • Flux-cored (FCAW):* Offers deep penetration and high deposition rates. Can be used with a wire feeder.
    • DC TIG (GTAW): Provides precise control for welding thin materials and exotic metals.
    • Air Carbon Arc (CAC-A) Cutting and Gouging:
      • Rated: 3/16-inch carbons
      • Capable: 1/4-inch carbons
    • Air Plasma Cutting and Gouging: Compatible with optional Spectrum® models for versatile cutting and gouging applications.
    • Output Range (Gas Models):
    • DC Stick: 20–330 A
    • MIG/Flux-cored: 15–40 V
    • DC TIG: 20–330 A
    • Auxiliary Power Output:
    • Rated at 104°F (40°C)
    • Peak: 12,000 watts
    • Continuous: 10,500 watts
    • Excel™ Power (Option):
    • Provides an additional 2,400 watts (120 V, 20 A) of 60 Hz pure sine power at all speeds, enhancing versatility and allowing operation of jobsite tools.
    • Battery Charge/Crank Assist (Option):
    • Battery Charge: 12/24 V, 150 A
    • Crank Assist: 12/24 V, 300 A
    • Industrial Applications:
    • The Miller Trailblazer 330 Diesel Engine-Driven Welder is designed for various industrial applications, including fabrication, maintenance, repair, structural steel work, sheet metal, and pipe welding.

Why Choose Miller Trailblazer 330 Diesel?

  • Unbeatable arc performance
  • Superior runtimes with advanced Auto-Speed™
  • Optional Excel™ power for additional versatility
  • Reduced fuel consumption and noise levels

The Trailblazer® Advantage


Auto-Set™technology- Auto-Set offers predefined weld settings to increase ease of use andensure that the job is done right for operators of all skill levels.


Data visibility-

Predictive maintenance information helps you plan necessary servicetime. Productivity screens make it easier for you to monitor machine use.


Direct spool gun connection-

Make it easy to weld aluminum. Expand the types of jobs you can take on.Adapters are no longer required with the integrated 10-pin connection.Optimized for Spoolmate™ and Spoolmatic® spool guns.




Backed by Miller’s True Blue Warranty, the Trailblazer 330 Diesel ensures reliability and peace of mind for your welding projects.

Price: $18,550.00 Manufacturer Suggested Price (USD)

Where to Buy: Contact an expert, 305-693-9088 to bring the Miller Trailblazer 330 Diesel to your jobsite. 

Explore the true potential of engine-driven welding with Miller Electric Mfg. LLC – Your Partner in Welding Excellence.

PRODUCT LITERATURE ED/4.86 Trailblazer 330 Diesel – English


  • Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)
  • Flux Cored (FCAW)
  • MIG (GMAW)
  • Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P)
  • Stick (SMAW)


  • Title: Trailblazer® 330 Diesel (Kubota)
  • Industries Interests: Construction, Fabrication, Heavy Equipment, Railcar
  • Amperage: 20 A – 330 A
  • Weldable Metals: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel
  • Rated Carbon Diameter: 1/4 in (6.4 mm)
  • Current Type: DC
  • Max Open Circuit Voltage: 107 VDC
  • Portability: Lift Eye (Standard), Running Gear / Cart (Optional), Trailer (Optional)
  • Cold Weather Starting Aids: Glow Plugs
  • Engine:
    • Brand: Kubota
    • Compliance: T4F
    • Idle Speed: 1800 RPM
    • Weld Speed: Advanced Auto-Speed™ technology varies engine speed from 1,800-3,600 rpm to match weld output
  • Fuel:
    • Tank Size: 11 Gallon
    • Type: Diesel
  • Horsepower: 24.8 hp
  • Weld Output: CC/CV
    • Rated Output:
      • CC/DC Stick/TIG 330 A at 31 V, 100% duty cycle
      • CV/DC MIG/FCAW 330 A at 3.25 V, 100% duty cycle
  • Single Phase Auxiliary:
    • Continuous Power: 10500 W
    • Peak Power: 12000 W
  • Sound Rating: 74.7 dB @ idle, 80.2 dB @ max weld
  • Applications: Aluminum Welding, Fabrication, Field Welding, Industrial Welding, Mobile Fabrication & MRO, Structural Welding
  • Warranty: 3 Years, Miller’s True Blue Warranty

Machine only. 

Gtin 715959707978 SKU: 907849 Categories: , , Tags: , ,

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